About Celia

Celia Farber

Celia Farber is a Swedish-American journalist and writer who is best known for being one of the first journalists in the world to cover the question of HIV causation since its inception in 1987/1988, when she was 19.

She wrote the Words From the Front column for SPIN magazine, and stuck with the story clear through 2006, when her article in Harper’s, Out Of Control: AIDS And The Corruption of Medical Science documented that AIDS was caused not by a virus but by antiretroviral drugs.

She has now writes for The Epoch Times and UnCoverDc.com, where her penetrating articles about the lies surrounding Covid-19 have been translated and published around the world. Her article Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus? became an instant classic.

American investigative reporter Eric F. Coppolino has described her as “a national treasure.”

Award Winning Journalist

She is the recipient of The Semmelweis Clean Hands Award For Investigative Journalism, 2008, and the author of Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History Of AIDS. Her father was radio legend Barry Farber, who passed away May 6, 2020. She has a son and two cats, Jack and Lewis, and lives in Northwestern CT. Twitter: @CeliaFarber

Celia Farber won the Semmelweis Award